Climma Marine Air Conditioning High Efficiency Inverter Driven Chilled Water Systems


Climma Marine Air Conditioning have developed and refined their Solo range of chillers from 60,000 up to 1,152,000 btu/h providing significantly higher output and greater operating efficiency than previous chilled water systems. 

High Capacity Sea Water Condensers Provide Efficient Marine Air Conditioning

This has been achieved through the large capacity cupronickel sea water condensers which can take up to 10°C from the sea water (at standard flow rate) giving Climma CWS Solo chillers the highest capacity output from the smallest size.  Another major bonus is the unique ability of Climma’s high capacity heat exchanger to operate effectively in heat mode when the sea water temperature is below 10°C. 

Climma’s Inverter Driver Completely Removes the Peak Start Loads from their chilled water marine air conditioning

  1. The second area of efficiency gain is through Climma’s water cooled inverter driver.  Unlike a soft start which theoretically reduces the start current by 30-35% the Climma inverter completely zeros the compressor start load effectively keeping the start current to the same level as the nominal run current avoiding overload of the onboard generator.

Once running the inverter will control the compressor speed between 40-60Htz which has four main advantages:

  1. Reduces the compressor power by 30% when system has reached the temperature set point.  This provides further efficiency gains as the compressor is running at a lower speeds so benefits from an oversized heat exchanger.
  2. Automatically load sheds as required and protects the compressor from fluctuations in voltage supply.
  3. Slower operation also delivers a dramatic reduction in noise and vibration as compressor runs at lower speed.
  4. You also gain improved safety and reliability as there is less stress on the compressor running at a lower speed with a smaller pressure differential.

Another significant bonus with Climma’s marine air conditioning water cooled inverter is that it is built within the frame of the chiller ensuring there is no problem with electrical interference due to cable routing through the engine room.

High quality high efficiency Marine Air Conditioning through Penguin Refrigeration

Distributed through Penguin Refrigeration, Climma’s Marine Air Conditioning Solo Chillers are modular and can built up in pre-fabricated frames to provide cooling from 60,000 to over 1,000,000 BTU/h capacity.  Each system is remotely controlled and monitored with full diagnosis capability ensuring a truly reliable HVAC system with full redundancy.

CWS Solo Marine AIr Conditioning