Climma’s DC Inverter Chiller set to revolutionise the marine air conditioning market

  • Variable Output 10,000 to 50,000 BTU from a single marine air conditioning system
  • Unique water cooled inverter
  • Climma Intelligent Control delivers modulated power
  • ECO mode
  • No start load
  • Up to 50% energy saving

The result of careful design and innovation based on over 40 years manufacturing experience new Climma DC Inverter chiller represents a revolution in energy efficiency of marine air conditioning chillers.  Driven by Climma’s unique water cooled inverter lowers the chillers power requirement by up to 50% compared to traditional chillers.

 Variable Output from a Single Marine Air Conditioning Unit

Using a scroll compressor with a state of the art DC brushless motor Climma’s new DC inverter driven compressor is programmed to run at the optimum speed for any given ambient temperature. Depending on the heat load requirements, the compressor frequency varies controlling the output capacity from 10,000 to 50,000 Btu. Modulating the compressor frequency from 12Hz up to 100Hz allows inverter compressors to produce faster cooling and heating, significantly improving the comfort on-board.

Climma Marine Air Conditioning

Unique Water Cooled Inverter Compressor

Unique in the marine industry, Climma’s water cooled inverter protects the compressor from excessive temperature, current overload and irregular voltage supply, allowing it to be installed in the engine room without additional ventilation. Added to this, the electronic control of the inverter requires no additional amps to start the compressor and provides continuous monitoring of the compressor curve to keep the unit within safe operating limits.  Eliminating stop-start cycles increases efficiency, extends the life of components, and helps eliminate large fluctuations in the load the air conditioner places on the power supply.

Climma Intelligent Control

Heating and cooling capacity is managed by the Climma Intelligent Control unit (CIC) which uses specially configured algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency.
So, if demand is high and the water temperature is not reached, the CIC will gradually increase the compressor speed until the desired temperature is reached and will also prevent speed oscillations. Similarly if the temperature is reached easily the CIC will reduce the compressor speed.

In practice operating on a sunny day, when the air-conditioning has a high heat load request, the inverter technology will allow the system run at full speed; while at night, when the heat load is lower, the inverter technology will automatically regulate the compressor to run at the minimum requested speed.

Eco mode

Climma DC chillers provide further efficiency gain through a special ECO mode that reduces the consumption even more. This function has been specifically developed to optimize the power consumption of the system in three principle ways:

  1. ECO mode enables the chiller to work more efficiently with a smaller output generator than would ideally be required.
  2. In ECO mode the power consumption is further reduced during night operation, when only a courtesy/night generator is working running and less power is needed.
  3. Eco mode allows the air-conditioning to run even while on the dock with a limited shore power supply.

No Start Load

A standard rotary or scroll compressor will operates much like a light switch – either off or on and for larger chillers there is a significant power requirement to start.  By using a DC compressor with inverter the Climma compressor starts at a low frequency requiring a fraction of the power.  For example the 50,000 BTU DC chiller has an initial power requirement of just 3A increasing to a maximum of 21A, a huge difference when compared to an equivalent 48,000 BTU standard chiller which has a 117A start load.

Up to 50% energy saving

The result of all this can deliver an overall reduction in power consumption of up to 50% compared to a traditional chilled water air conditioning system.