Frigoboat Water Cooled Cold Rooms

Penguin have added the complete range of Frigoboat blown air evaporators, water cooled compressors and condensers for water cooled cold rooms and walk in freezers to the Superyacht product range on our website.

Water Cooled Cold Rooms Ensure Efficient Performance Anywhere in the World

With ever larger Superyachts and Megayachts the demands for catering on-board has never been higher. Most yachts of 50m and upwards are designed with cold stores and walk in freezer storage in addition to the galley fridges and freezers to provide sufficient storage capacity for distance cruising.

While many larger Yachts have more commercial style galleys with professional kitchen staff using standard catering fridges and freezers at Penguin we understand the importance of efficient, reliable refrigeration at sea which is why we always recommend water cooled cold rooms and walk freezers over air cooled systems for the following key reasons:

  1. Water cooling is more efficient, so the compressors require less power to achieve the same performance as an air cooled system.
  2. This also means the duty cycle is far lower for water cooled units in high ambient temperatures even when water temperatures are 28°C plus.
  3. Compressor and plant is far smaller in size can be remote mounted, reducing noise and vibration and allowing greater volume for the water cooled cold room
  4. Water cooled cold rooms dramatically reduce the Air Conditioning loads of the yacht by dramatically reducing the heat generated in the galley, a major bonus when the yacht is in tropical locations.

You would not consider fitting an air cooled AC system to your yacht – the same rules apply to your refrigeration!

Modular in Design Our Water Cooled Cold Rooms Plant is Easy to Specify and Install

Modular approach to the plant and equipment required to refrigerate water cooled cold rooms allows Penguin to easily specify the parts required to cool any Cold Room Walk in Freezer. Using our simple matrix Penguin can now specify both replacement components as well as complete systems for new and existing cold rooms and large volume freezers for Superyachts, Exploration vessels and ships cruising globally. Simply provide us with the volume of the space you need to refrigerate. The temperature you need to achieve and we will do the rest.

Water Cooled Cold Rooms

For more details follow the link below to see the range of water cooled cold rooms and freezer equipment or send us an email with your requirement.