Jerba Campervans Go Gas Free with Vitrifrigo 12 Volt Fridges

Jerba Campervans, manufacturers of high quality campervan conversions in Edinburgh, have developed their 2011 range of VW and Mercedes Vito campervan conversions to run gas free using Vitrifrigo 12 volt fridges and diesel hobs and heating systems.

Combining a Vitrifrigo 12 volt dc fridge with diesel hob and heating allows Jerba Campervans to remove the requirement for gas completely from their conversions freeing up additional space for storage and avoiding the frustration of running out of gas when camping in the wilds. To run gas free Jerba Campervans needed to make their 12 volt electrical systems as efficient as possible.  In their experience the Vitrifrigo 12 volt fridges have proven to be very economical on power, using a 90 amp hour Varta leisure battery, the Vitrifrigo fridge will maintain a constant temperature (3°C in 25°C ambient), for up to three days without needing to recharge the battery.   For those wanting to be truly self sufficient Jerba Campervans offer the option of a 68 Watt solar panel providing enough charge to run the fridge indefinitely with no other source of power required.

“Jerba Campervans are clearly demonstrating how an efficient 12 volt fridge combined with good power management and charging systems will provide an ideal solution for continuous refrigeration when camping” Zeb Elliott, Commercial Director Penguin Refrigeration.

Vitrifrigo 12 volt fridges and freezers are manufactured exclusively by Vitrifrigo in Italy and distributed in the UK by Penguin Refrigeration Ltd.