New Compact 3.5 Mini Marine Air-conditioner from Climma

Climma’s latest Marine Air Conditioner is possibly the smallest marine air conditioning unit ever built.  Extremely compact (H:241mm W:381mm D:204mm), the Compact 3.5 is water cooled  and suitable for cooling a small sleeping cabin (i.e. such as a V berth on a 30 to 38 footer).

Controlled using the new and updated digital Vega MK3 remote mount control panel – Provides full climate control with a 8 fan speed operation in Auto mode to ensure optimum comfort at minimum noise level. With an LED digital display showing temperature and fan speed and finger-tip dial adjustment.
Built and engineered to the highest standards by Veco in Italy the Compact 3.5 includes the following product highlights:

– High efficiency rotary compressor to ensure the lowest possible start and run currents, making it ideal to be powered through a small inverter – minimum power capacity of 500W.
– The quiet, yet powerful, 8 speed fan with a two position adjustable air outlet (horizontal to vertical).
– Cupronickel sea water heat exchanger to ensure maximum resistance to corrosion
– High efficiency, copper coil aluminium finned evaporator to provide cooling to the fan blower.
– Mounted on a marine grade stainless steel base to ensure a long lifetime of service and resistance to corrosion in the harsh marine environment.
– Built in plastic condensate tray supplied with angled and straight hose connectors.
– We recommend that the Frigoboat DC water pump A092819C is used to supply cooling water.

Climma Compact 3.5 Cool Only
Climma Compact 3.5 Cool Only

Penguin will supply the Compact 3.5 only or as a kit including Vega Mk3 digital control, plus duct with delivery grill.  Currently on an introductory offer of less 15%.

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Climma also offer a wide range of wooden, aluminium and plastic grills so you can tailor to suit your interior the best aesthetic result with any style of interior design.