New Stainless Steel Drawer Fridge and Freezer Cabinets from Frigoboat

Elegant MS Stainless Steel Drawer Fridge and Freezers

Frigoboat have introduced a new range of high quality stainless steel drawer fridges and freezers for use with their 12/24 Volt DC compressors and cooling units.  Built to the same dimensions as their hugely successful MS fridge and freezer range the new Frigoboat drawer series is built to the same exacting standards using stainless steel inside and out.  Polished stainless interior with brushed stainless drawer fronts they are built for the marine environment and are ideal for yachts or other mobile or outdoor applications.

Specification of Frigoboat Drawer Fridge and Freezer Range

The 2 drawer fridges are designed to operate between +10°C and 0°C in up to 40°C ambient and above. They are ideal for out door bar and entertainment areas on large yachts or as galley fridges on smaller sailboats and motor yachts (note on sailboats  a fridge drawer or freezer should only be fitted in the fore and aft direction – never athwartships).  Freezers are ideal for galleys or to provide additional freezer storage when passage making, allowing easy access while at sea.

The fridge drawers feature a minimum of 50mm insulation throughout and the freezer drawers 80mm insulation with heated door seals. The drawers run on tough nylon runners on a stainless housing with a mechanical stop.  Drawers are held in place with internal catches when closed for security at sea.

Fitting is straight forward and choice of cooling unit allows you to optimise the cabinet to your specific requirements.  All cabinets are supplied with 2.8m refrigerant pipes, pre-charged with refrigerant using Frigoboat’s excellent resealing quick connect couplings, allowing you to connect your drawer fridge to either an air cooled, water cooled or keelcooled compressor and cooling unit depending on the specific application.  Compressors are DC powered (either Danfoss BD35 or BD50) but can be easily upgraded to run AD and or DC as required.

marine combination fridge freezer

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