New Partnership for Penguin Superyacht Refrigeration

Penguin Refrigeration has joined forces with Italian manufacturers Veco to produce a new, refined range of custom refrigeration solutions for the Global Superyacht and Megayacht market.  Designed to fit seamlessly into the unique interior of each individual Yacht, Penguin Superyacht Refrigeration covers all aspects of refrigeration on-board from cold stores and galley fridges, to bespoke wet bars and guest cabin minibars.

As Veco’s sole UK Distributor for more than 10 years, Penguin has a very close relationship with their Italian manufacturers and a proven track record with the UK’s leading yards for designing, commissioning and supporting custom refrigeration.  Over the past 18 months Penguin have produced custom refrigeration solutions for both refits and new builds at Pendennis, Palmer Johnson and most recently have just commissioned the refrigeration for Oyster’s new 115 at RMK Turkey.

Penguin Superyacht Refrigeration has been setup to provide turnkey solutions in custom refrigeration for any specific fridge or freezer requirement, whether a complete galley system or a unique fridge to suit a VIP stateroom or entertainment area.  The new partnership with Veco gives Penguin the facility to design, manufacture, and support these products globally.

“Penguin Superyacht Refrigeration is a natural development of the long standing business relationship that already exists between Veco and Penguin in the custom refrigeration market,” Commented Carlo Formenti CEO of Veco.  “For Veco, Penguin expanding into Europe and beyond is fantastic as they interpret and confirm exactly what our customer’s want so we can focus on the manufacture, which is our speciality.”

You can learn more about Penguin Superyacht Refrigeration at

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