Air Condenser for Frigomatic K35-K50 (pre-charged with couplings)

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Frigoboat, Air Evaporator For Frigomatic K35-K50

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Part Number: 1E53125
Dimensions: 150mm (h) x 213mm (w) x 171mm (d)


Retrofit Air Cooled Condenser for Frigomatic Systems.

  • This condenser is designed to be retrofitted to an existing Frigomatic water cooled (W35/W50) or keel cooled (K35/ K50) fridge system, allowing the fridge or freezer to be run when the boat is out of the water.
  • To fit, simply undo the high pressure coupling between the compressor and the keel cooler (or evaporator on a pump water cooled system) add the air condenser into the system, reconnecting the quick seal couplings. Connect the small positive and F connections and turn the compressor back on.
  • Key Features:

    • Supplied with pre-charged R134A refrigerant
    • Re-sealable quick Frigoboat couplings so can be easily plumbed into an existing system without the need to recharge the system
    • Connection to compressor 500mm pipes with self-sealing couplings
    • Supplied on a stainless-steel base
    • Large capacity aluminium finned condenser, protected by a stainless housing with a ducted fan cowling (120mm duct)

    Key Checks Before Purchase

    • Check refrigerant is R134a
    • Check coupling compatibility
    • Check Dimensions for location

    Technical Information

    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 150mm (h) x 213mm (w) x 171mm (d)


    Refrigerant Charge


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