Climma EV17 Slim Fan coil 17,000 BTU capacity 230V 50Htz

2,422.993,181.27 inc VAT

Climma Dry Pan fan coil available with or without electrical strip heater and with or without water valve. Also available in two options of width (slim and super slim) – please select option required

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Part Number: 1MEVA17S
Dimensions: 308mm (h) x 651mm (w) x 408300mm (d)


Built and engineered to the highest standards by Veco in Italy, the new Climma slim range of dry pan EVA fan coils are a major step in both design and performance.

The Climma slim EVA17 (17,000 BTU) low-profile fan coil unit uses a twin blower system to provide high capacity output at the lowest possible height. It has been optimised to minimise noise vibration and eliminate potential issues with condensation.

These Climma fan coils are fitted with powerful twin blowers which are extremely quiet in operation, rotatable and offset. Available in two different widths – please select option.

Specifically designed for nautical applications. Ideal for restricted height installation.

Available in two depths slim (width 408mm) and extra slim (width 300mm)

Key Features:

  • Available in electrical heating (EH) for comfort
  • Very low-profile ideal for under saloon seating installations
  • Quiet, easy to install and maintain
  • Deep tray insulated stainless steel base
  • Unique Climma angled dry pan combined with the flush soldered drains ensures that residual condensate water drains to practically nothing
  • Further optional drains can also be installed opposite the standard ones for sailboat installations where significant healing may occur
  • Continuous speed variation for smooth transition and greater comfort (15 Speed in AUTO and 8 speeds in MANUAL mode)
  • Lower minimum fan speed for the quiet operation
  • The fully adjustable, high quality, powerful twin blowers combined with the new MV8 controller can be aligned correctly to the duct run, maximising efficiency of the air flow to ensure an incredibly smooth and quiet operation
  • The Fan coil stands on 4 feet, each with Climma specially developed anti-vibration mounts and fixed in position with a further four fixing brackets again with anti-vibration rubber mounts
  • Easy to use digital Vega MK2 remote mount control panel (sold separately)
  • LED digital display showing temperature and fan speed, all resulting in more accurate room temperature control
  • The fan is protected by a Climma air filter which should be cleaned periodically to maintain performance. Otherwise the fan coil is maintenance free

Direct Replacement for

  • Can replace any Climma fan coil of the correct capacity or other manufacturers such as Dometic and Webasto (check capability of electrical box and control unit)

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Check capacity
  • Check dimensions

Additional parts that may be required


    • Fan coil power board/digital controller 1MV8EV17
    • Vega MK2 control panel (branded bezels) 1MDISI
    • Climma infrared remote control for Vega digital control 1MTELE (optional)
    • Temperature sending probe suitable for Vega MK2 1MSEN (optional)
    • 6-24m cable to daisy chain fan coils from one Vega control. Each fan coil will require an MV8E control board 1MBUS (optional)
    • 4-24m cable to connect controller to electrical box 1MCAV


    • Electrical box/ mechanical control 1MSCAEV1724S
    • Mechanical panel AVE cool only 1M60885A cool or heat 1M60980

    Water Valve

    • Water valve kit for fan coil EV model 1M660J

    Spare parts & support

      Air filter

Technical Information

Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 308mm (h) x 651mm (w) x 408300mm (d)
Cooling Capacity Btu/h


Width dimensions

Width 408mm, Width 300mm

Duct Size (mm)

2 x 125

Air Flow (mch)


Power Options Available

230V 50Htz, 230V 60Htz, 115V 60Htz

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