Climma Vega MK3 Digital Control

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Part Number: 1MK3


The new Climma Vega MK3 digital climate control panel for marine air conditioning systems. The system is easy to install, intuitive to use and available to suit many manufacturers switch panels.

The Vega MK3 provides digital climate control for all fan coils plus Climma Compact and Split air conditioning units. Specifically designed and configured to avoid interference between cabins.

Key Features:

  • Switch panel options (please select option above)
  • Easy to install and intuitive to use
  • The Large LED digital display shows the ambient temperature with a small LED light to confirm the compressor is running
  • When fan speed or the temperature set point is adjusted using the dial control the new setting will flash on the display
  • Basic functions – can be set to cool, heat, automatic or Advanced functions – dehumidification and unattended mode, which will automatically control the cabin environment when the boat is left unattended
  • Temperature and fan speed settings are also very straight forward to set with the easy to use rotating knobs
  • There is also an ambient light sensor to automatically dim the panel as daylight fades
  • Fan Speed: 8 manual speeds plus auto mode
  • The panel features an integral temperature sensor but there is also an optional remote sensor which provides one touch control of all the main functions if required
  • Power ON/OFF push button to start and stop for ease of use
  • The MK3 display panel also has a memory to keep the current settings when the AC system is powered down
  • It also has an ambient light sensor automatically dims the panel
  • Supplied with 3m cable to connect to the air conditioning unit or fan coil control box
  • Bezels (cover plates) are supplied separately
  • Operational temperature sensing probe

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Confirm the correct switch panel

Additional parts that may be required

  • Switch panel bezel and connection cable are not included and need to be purchased separately

Technical Information

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