Climma water valve for fan coils

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Please select correc water valve for either EVA or FC type fan coil

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Part Number: 1M7666


Climma 4-way water valve for EV, FC and FCV fan coil range.

Can be installed directly on the fan coil heat exchanger and remains perfectly inside the EV condensate pan or should be installed close to the FC and FCV fan coil.

Key Features:

  • Water valve kit for various fan coils (select above option)
  • Voltage 230/1/50
  • Supplied with special fittings to connect to fan coil or fresh water circuit
  • Equipped with manual lever which permits to opening manually during the system commissioning
  • Automatic function in either cool or heat mode guaranteed by water sensor connected to the digital control box VEGA MK2

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Check compatibility

Technical Information

Weight 0.2 kg

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