Flow2 Flostream Water Filter

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Point of use drinking water filter includes cartridge and twist lock head unit and is supplied with different diameter connection options, normally 12mm for campervan and motorhome and 15mm for marine

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Part Number: BMK-FLOW2
Dimensions: 264mm (h) x 85mm (w) x 85mm (d)


Point of use drinking water filter delivering great tasting, healthy drinking water from your fresh water tank. Unique media filter removes all major contaminants and has built-in bacteriostatic control so there is no risk of micro-bacterial growth in the water system.

Flow2 delivers two litres per minute with a capacity of 3,800 litres.

Can be used in any application where you need good quality drinking water. The compact size and simple installation with the twist lock head with 5/8”, 12mm or 15mm push fit connections make these water filters ideal for motorhomes, campervans and welfare vehicles. Also ideal for use with Vitrifrigo mains fed ice makers.

Key Features:

  • NSF 42 & 53 certified to meet health and aesthetic standards
  • Chlorine taste and odour reduction
  • Lime-scale and inhibition, anti-bacterial and reduces heavy metals
  • Cyst reduction, removes contaminants that cause health issues
  • Bacteriostatic control to inhibit microbial growth in the water system
  • Cartridge is easy to connect/release with a quarter turn
  • Pressure range 0.7-8.5 bar 2-38 degrees C
  • Simple installation with push fit connections for standard flexi pipe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flow2 – capacity 3800 2 L/min

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Ecology Seagull IV X-1B water purifier unit

Additional parts that may be required

  • Check pipe diameter of water system and select either 5/8”, 12mm or 15mm push fit connections

Spare parts & support

  • Replacement cartridge PF-FLO2 – Flowstream HiFlo Cartridge

Technical Information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 264mm (h) x 85mm (w) x 85mm (d)


Flow Rate

2 L/m

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