Vitrifrigo replacement thermostats – select option required

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Part Number: VF-STAT


Replacement thermostat 12/24V for Vitrifrigo Airlock and Ocean fridges and freezers. Please select the correct model required for your fridge or freezer.

Mechanical fridge and freezer thermostat for use with most Vitrifrigo Ocean fridges. Simple temperature control. LED thermostat for use with most drawer fridge and freezer.

Key Features:

  • Mounted inside or outside the fridge to suit requirements
  • Connects to C & T on the compressor and there is no polarity. Wires can be extended
  • Temperature sensing capillary is a set length. The end of the capillary must either be attached and touching the evaporator plate or fully inserted into the copper tube, so it is sensing the temperature from the correct area of the fridge or freezer
  • Note the capillary must not be cut or shortened

Key Checks Before Purchase

  • Check wiring compatibility
  • Check for the correct model

Technical Information

Weight 0.3 kg


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