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Finding the Vitrifrigo spare part you want

Use our new exploded drawings (with part numbers) to find the Vitrifrigo spare part you require.

To find your Vitrifrigo spare part, go to the product page for the fridge or freezer that you are looking to find a spare part for.  At the bottom of the page you will find the exploded diagram under downloads. Simply click the link to download and open the PDF exploded diagram.

Vitrifrigo exploded diagram

Identify the number of the part you wish to purchase then find the stock code and description in the information list (see below). Once you have the part number for the item you require, enter it into the search box at the top of the Penguinfrigo website.

Vitrifrigo spare partsPlease Note: It may be necessary to scroll down to the bottom of the list of information displayed to find your part number details.

Click on the part number to display the product details and price for ordering.

If you can’t find the part on our website, please email us at with the part number of the Vitrifrigo spare part you are looking for and we will get back to you with the price and lead time.


Vitrifrigo Launch Super Slim 12 Volt Campervan Fridge

Vitrifrigo have developed a new super slim 12 volt campervan fridge for the latest Mercedes Vito conversion from Technoform and Wellhouse Leisure – launched at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC.  The new C25P super slim 12 volt campervan fridge has a total depth inc door of just 322mm enabling it to be fitted flush within the narrow kitchen units giving ample room for the extra wide bed that is a key feature of the conversion.


Vitrifrigo C25P-DIMS 12 volt campervan fridge


Key features of C25P Slim 12 Volt Campervan Fridge

The C25P super slim features the BD Micro compressor from Secop, which at just 2.5kg reduces the weight of the fridge compressor by a massive 45% in turn reducing the total weight of the fridge to just 13kg.  To maximise volume of this 12 volt mini campervan fridge the compressor and cooling unit are remote to the cabinet on 1.4m of flexible pipe allowing the compressor to be mounted separately up to 1m away.

To make best possible use of the internal space, the C25P is set up as a larder fridge using a thermostatically controlled evaporator plate on the back wall instead of an ice box.

The C25P has excellent efficiency thanks to the BD Micro compressor and Vitrifrigo’s aluminium finned condenser (design and manufactured in-house) giving typical consumption of a tiny 0.3A/h (in UK summer time).

The fridge is supplied with grey trim and door panel, which can be replaced with 1mm panel to match the conversion as you can see in the Wellhouse Leisure conversion below.  The door is positively locked using the excellent Vitrifrigo Air lock catch (with vent position that keeps the fridge fresh when not and use) and the door hinging is interchangeable, left or right.


Vitrifrigo C25P 12 Volt Fridge

For more details visit Campervan and Motorhome Fridges page


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New Retail Prices from 1st December

As all our products are manufactured in Italy and the recent fall in the value of the Pound against the Euro has hit us hard.  To reflect the fall in the value of the pound our pricing for both Frigoboat and Vitrifrigo products will go up on 1st December by 8%. So, if you are thinking of a new fridge, freezer or fridge system, or you need a spare part make sure you get your order in before 1st December.

Pound to Euro trend

An innovative top opening 12 Volt fridge in the latest Uberbus Conversion

Poole based VW T6 camper converters Uberbus have just launched their latest conversion which features the Vitrifrigo C37L top opening 12 volt fridge.  The conversion is on a short wheelbase VWT6 and features their UBERBUS Flux rock and roll ribbed seat converting into a full width bed. By using a 12 volt top opening chest fridge, installed by the sliding door, Uberbus have kept the interior looking open and uncluttered while ensuring that the fridge is always easily accessible.

12 volt top opening fridge

Positioned by the sliding door allows you to easily access the 12 volt fridge from outside the van or under an awning. With the addition of their kitchen unit which attaches neatly on the side allows you to cook alfresco with the fridge and cooker side by side – see image below.

12 volt fridge with cooker

At night the full bed is easy to set up and covers the whole width of the van with the mattress cushions running down the side and over the top of the 12 volt fridge lid. However, the mattress is set up to allow you to easily lift the corner to get to the milk for the morning cupper!

Bed over fridge

Installation of the Vitrifrigo C37L 12 Volt fridge

The C37L has a remote compressor and Uberbus have mounted this behind the fridge by the wheel arch. It requires 144cm2 ventilation in and out of the compartment that the compressor is located. This can be achieved with vents back into the living space and/or with floor vents through the vehicle floor allowing cool air from under the vehicle to be drawn up to the condenser on the compressor. This is particularly good if you have any plans to take the van to the south of France or beyond where the ambient temperatures are higher.

So How Efficient is this 12 volt fridge?

So what about power consumption?  In UK summer 25 degrees Celsius we would expect the C37L to consume at little as 1/2 an amp per hour. The compressor will run at 2.3A and should only need to run for around 15 minutes in the hour to maintain 4-6 degrees in the fridge.  This would equate to about 12-14 amp hours in 24 hours so with a 75 amp hour battery (37 hours of power), you would have more than 72 hours of power to run the fridge before you need to put any charge back in the battery. So even with a relatively small leiaure battery you have more than enough power to park up for a long weekend of surfing, cycling or simply chilling out!  Add a 40W solar panel to the roof and you will generate enough power in the day to run the fridge indefinitely – how cool is that!

So if you are thinking of a conversion and conversion with bed sized maximised, but still giving you decent fridge storage and cooking options, either within the van or under the awning contact Clough at Uberbus. Or if you are looking for inspiration for your own conversion then check out the Vitrifrigo 12 volt fridges top or front opening via the link below:

New Steel Lock Locking Catch for Vitrifrigo Drawer Fridges and Freezers

Vitrifrigo have introduced a new stainless steel positive lock for their entire drawer range.  A significant improvement over their original South co supplied slam latch catch, Vitrifrigo have now designed their own unique ‘Steel Lock’ latch for their DW Drawer Series. To open the drawer you simply pull up on the ergonomically designed handle to release the catch.  When the door is closed the latch will automatically engage, with a reassuring audible click as the drawer is secured.

Vitrifrigo Steel Lock Catch



For details of the Vitrifrigo DW Series follow the link below:


Upgrading your Dometic 3 Way or Electrolux 3 Way with a 12V Fridge

Did you know the most efficient replacement fridge for any of the old 3 Way Electrolux RM212 models (RM212 RM212E RM212F) or the Dometic 3 Way fridges (RM5310 RM4210 RM4211 or RM4213) is the Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge?

Upgrade RM212 Electrolux compressor fridge12v fridge Vitrifrigo C60i replacement for RM212 and RM5310

The 12 volt Vitrifrigo C60i will fit straight into the existing space and will run directly from your 12 volt DC at a fraction of the power consumption. Consuming as little as 18A/h over 24 hours means you can run this fridge for 48 hours on a 75A/h battery without needing to put any charge back into the leisure battery.

Vitrifrigo C60i 12 Volt Fridge

If you want to go wild camping then a 60W solar panel will give you more than enough power to run this fridge 24/7..

See related articles below for more details of Vitrifrigo 12v fridge running from solar:

12 Volt Solar Powered Fridge Case Study

Wild camping with a 12 volt compressor fridge throughout Southern Europe

All Dometic 3 Way fridges below can be replaced by the Vitrifrigo C60i 12V fridge

  • Dometic RM4210 which uses piezo ignition
  • Dometic RM4211 which uses electronic ignition
  • Dometic RM4213 which uses electronic ignition and Thermostatic control
  • Dometic RM5310 electronic ignition

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